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student to a dangerous form of self-aggrandisement and
do violence to the character of academic history. In
their whole presentation of the human drama throughout
the ages the conflict between good and evil is wrongly


It may help us to keep our balance in our analysis of the
question if we take note that even in the ordinary course
of life the issues of morality are often settled with very
little thought.   Granting the  all-importance of our
ediical principles and ethical teaching—granting also the
momentousness of the obligation that we are under to
follow righteousness in our own conduct—we might
wonder whether in reality there is any meaning or
purpose in ethical judgments directed against actual
people in respect of an action once that action has been
done.   In fact it is questionable whether any retro-
spective ethical judgment—I mean the kind of judgment
which is directed against a personality—is worth any-
thing, except in the form of the judgment that all men
are, and men always have been, sinners.   And this
particular thesis owes its power and authenticity to the
fact that in reality it is translatable for each of us into a
self-judgment.   For my own part I am willing to say
that religious persecution is always wrong.    It is wrong
even when it is committed by people who are unaware
that it is wrong.   In other words I believe that it is
essential to treat this planet as the kind of world in which